Your question: What is the disadvantage of the guard channel?

What is the disadvantage of guard channel? … Here, a fraction of the total available channels in a cell is reserved exclusively for handoff requests from ongoing calls. This method has the disadvantage of reducing the total carried traffic, as fewer channels are allocated to originating calls.

What are guard channels?

In radio, a guard band is an unused part of the radio spectrum between radio bands, for the purpose of preventing interference. … It is a narrow frequency range used to separate two wider frequency ranges to ensure that both can transmit simultaneously without interfering with each other.

When a fraction of assigned channel is reserved for handoff it is called?

Answer is “Guard channel concept

What are the reasons to perform handoff?

Reasons for a Handoffs to be conducted:

To avoid call termination: call drops • When the capacity for connecting new calls of a given cell is used up. Interference in the channels. When the user behaviours change like – Speed and mobility.

What is guard time?

A guard time is a short time interval that is added between the TDMA slots. Using guard time requires extra time and energy, which is critical in wireless sensor networks operating on limited energy.

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What are the uses of guard channel?

The so called “Guard-channel” (GC) concept offers a means of improving the probability of a successful handoff by reserving a certain number of channels allocated exclusively for handoff requests. The remaining channels can be shared equally between handoff requests and new calls.

Which is the time for a call within the cell?

“The time duration of alert for an incoming voice call, which is neither answered nor rejected by the called party, shall be thirty seconds for cellular mobile telephone service and sixty seconds for basic telephone service,” TRAI said in an amendment to quality of service norms for basic telephone service and cellular …

Why the shape of cell is not circle Mcq?

Why the shape of cell is not circle? Explanation: Circle is the first natural choice to represent the coverage area of a base station. But while adopting this shape, adjacent cells cannot be overlaid upon a map without leaving gaps or creating overlapping regions.

What is the advantages of frequency reuse?

Frequency reuse improve the spectral efficiency and signal Quality (QoS). Frequency reuse classical scheme proposed for GSM systems offers a protection against interference.

What are main problems in 1G technology?

1G is an analog technology and the phones generally had poor battery life and voice quality was large without much security, and would most often experience dropped calls. The maximum speed of 1G was 2.4 Kbps.