Your question: What are the role of protected areas?

Effectively managed protected areas are a critical tool for safeguarding biodiversity, maintaining ecosystem balance, preserving important habitats, building resilience to climate change, providing global food security, maintaining water quality, conserving natural resources, driving economic success, curbing the …

What are the important roles of parks and protected areas?

Parks and public lands serve an essential role in preserving natural resources and wildlife habitats, protecting clean water and clean air, and providing open space for current and future generations.

What are the main purposes of establishment of protected areas?

Protected Areas: For species, habitats and people

Protected areas (PAs) have been established for a level of protection of ecosystems, biological processes and species. According to IUCN and UN Environment’s World Conservation Monitoring Centre, there are 238,563 designated protected areas as of July 2018.

Why protected area is important?

Protected areas help to mitigate extreme weather events, enhance carbon storage, and provide space for plants and animals to adapt to a changing climate. 4. To maintain functioning ecosystems and the benefits they provide. Protected areas provide clean air and water, healthy soils, wild foods and medicines.

Why is it important to protect natural beauty?

Overall,people should protect nature because the fact that natural beauty can reduce most types of pollution can be regarded as one of the most important environmental benefits. Secondly, another positive impact of protecting places of natural beauty is economic benefits.

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How can we manage protected areas?

Active management

Being responsive in a planned and effective way is critical. Protected area practitioners undertake many other tasks such as species management, anti-poaching patrolling, providing for visitor services, dealing with emergencies, research and monitoring, and restoration work.

How we can protect natural areas?

40+ Ultimate Ways To Conserve and Protect Natural Resources

  • Use of alternative sources of power such as solar and wind energy. …
  • Plant trees to prevent soil erosion. …
  • Practicing of judicious ways to conserve water in our homes. …
  • Use pipelines to transport oil. …
  • Growing of vegetation in catchment areas.

Why is it important to protect local natural areas?

Preservation of natural areas also provides many practical benefits. For example, natural areas contain the biological raw material necessary for the development of products that could greatly benefit the health, diversity and genetic well-being of man.