You asked: What do Canadian Securities Administrators do?

The CSA’s prevailing mission is to bring provincial and territorial securities regulators together to share ideas, and collaboratively design policies and regulations aimed at promoting smooth operations across Canada’s nationwide securities industry.

What is the role of the Canadian Securities Administrators?

The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) is an umbrella organization of Canada’s provincial and territorial securities regulators whose objective is to improve, coordinate and harmonize regulation of the Canadian capital markets.

How many securities regulators are there in Canada?

Resources must be devoted to keeping 13 separate securities regulators operating in Canada.

What are Canadian securities?

For the T5008 information return, securities mean: publicly traded shares of the capital stock of a corporation. publicly traded debt obligations. debt obligations of, or guaranteed by: the Government of Canada (such as Treasury bills)

What are the three categories of securities firms in Canada?

There are three types of firms in the Canadian securities industry. (1) Integrated firms that: (a) Offer all products and services, including research, portfolio evaluations, advice on mergers and acquisitions, and loans for margin accounts. (b) Participate in institutional and retail markets.

What is security law Canada?

Canadian securities laws prohibit insiders of reporting issuers, and others who are in a special relationship and have access to undisclosed material information, trading in securities while in possession of such information or ‘tipping’ others regarding such information.

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Is Canada a regulated market?

The Canadian financial markets and stock exchanges are regulated by a number of provincial and territorial securities commissions as well as self-regulatory organizations.

What is the main regulatory authority in Canada?

OSFI regulates by developing rules, interpreting legislation and regulations and providing regulatory approvals for certain types of transactions. It also contributes to new accounting, auditing and actuarial standards.

Why do we regulate securities?

Understanding and complying with security regulation helps businesses avoid litigation with the SEC, state security commissioners, and private parties. Failing to comply can even result in criminal liability.

How many Iiroc advisors are there in Canada?

IIROC oversees approximately 175 firms and their 30,000 registered representatives. We refer to the firms that we regulate as IIROC Dealer Members.

Dealers we regulate.

Organization Name Address
AGF Securities (Canada) Limited 66 Wellington Street West Suite 3100 Toronto ON M5K 1E9 416-865-4176