Why are protective devices important in any control circuit?

Circuit protection devices have the large value in reducing the impact of hazardous conditions or in restricting the hazardous conditions from rising. These devices are also used for stopping the flow of current in the electric circuit therefore, these devices are called circuit protection devices.

What is the purpose of protection devices?

Protective devices are used to maintain the primary function by means such as bringing in standby equipment when the main equipment fails or to provide protection in relation to secondary functions such as safety or environment.

What protective devices are used in circuits?

Electrical circuit protection explained

Fuses, MCBs, RCDs, and RCBOs are all devices used to protect users and equipment from fault conditions in an electrical circuit by isolating the electrical supply.

What is circuit protective device?

A circuit protection device is a current or voltage sensitive device that protects a circuit from either overcurrent or overvoltage conditions. … Overcurrent products include fuses, fuse clips, fuseholders, fuse blocks, circuit breakers and positive temperature coefficient (PTC) resettable devices.

How does an overcurrent device work?

An overcurrent protection device protects the circuit by opening the device when the current reaches a value that will cause an excessive or dangerous temperature rise in conductors. Most overcurrent protection devices respond to both, short-circuit or ground-fault current values as well as overload conditions.

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What are the main features of a protective device?

Protective Device Characteristics

  • Introduction.
  • Fuse Characteristics.
  • Relay Characteristics.
  • Power Circuit Breakers.
  • Automatic Circuit Reclosers.
  • Automatic Line Sectionalizers.
  • Circuit Switchers.
  • Digital Fault Recorders.

How does a protective device connect in a circuit?

A circuit protection device operates by opening and interrupting current to the circuit. The opening of a protection device shows that something is wrong in the circuit and should be corrected before the current is restored.