Quick Answer: What is night mode on Xfinity Security?

Arm Night is for when you are home and asleep. Security features are activated as in Arm Away, but Motion Sensors are not activated unless they have been set to be active for Arm Night by your Xfinity technician during installation.

What does night mode mean on Xfinity alarm?

Night Mode

You set the alarm to suit the needs of your own night time routine, allowing to get the balance of security when sleeping but avoiding false alarms should you go to the bathroom or have a pet moving around downstairs.

What is the difference between stay away and night?

Briefly, the stay setting is to be used during the daytime, while you’re staying in your home. The night setting, while also to be used when you’re in the home, is to be used at night time when your movement is more limited.

What is cove night mode?

A helpful “Arm Stay” option is to select “Night Mode”, which will immediately arm your system (no countdown) and remove any entry delay that is set on your door sensors. This means that if someone triggers a door sensor, it will set off the alarm immediately with no delay.

What is xfinity stay mode?

When you come home, you have time to disarm the system (Entry Delay) so you don’t trigger an alarm. If you activate Arm Away and no one leaves the house using a monitored door, the system automatically switches to Arm Stay mode.

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Should I put my alarm on at night?

A ringing alarm is often enough to send an intruder scarpering. The police agree that you should be setting your house alarm at night.

What is ADT Blue Night mode?

Use this mode when you’re in for the night, entry and exit delays are off, and motion sensors are off. OFF: Press OFF and then enter your User Code to disarm your security system. Note:By design, the exit and entry delays give you enough time to leave or enter your home without setting off a false alarm.

What is arm and disarm?

The Arm/Disarm feature allows you to put the camera to sleep when you want it to stop recording entirely. This also prolongs the camera’s battery life. Aut Arm/Disarm puts the camera to sleep when you are physically in the space where the camera is located.

What does silent arming mean?

Silent Arming allows you to arm the system without any noise. No Entry Delay: Once armed, the system will bypass the entry delay that normally occurs when an entry/exit zone is activated.