How can we protect workers in unorganized?

How protect workers in the unorganized sector Why is protection and support to workers of unorganized necessary?

It is necessary to provide protection and support to the unorganized sector workers because:

  1. Long working hours and unhygienic working conditions affect the health of the worker adversely.
  2. They are paid very low and thus are not able to meet their daily basic needs.

Why do we need to protect workers in the unorganized sector?

It is important to protect and support the workers in the unorganised sector as workers are exploited in this sector. It is because in unorganised sectors, the government’s rules and regulations regarding the conditions of employment are not followed. Often jobs are low paid and irregular.

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What do you mean by unorganised sector Describe how do you protect workers of unorganised sector?

No paid leaves, provident fund, holidays and medical benefits are given to the employees. Job security is absent as in the case of no work, the employee may be asked to leave at any time. It is the employer who decides the rules and regulations of work.

What are the challenges faced by Unorganised workers?

1) Omnipresence; 2) Migratory character; 3) Absenteeism; 4) Excessive seasonality of employment; 5) Temporary and part-time employment; 6) No employment guarantee; 7) Low productivity syndrome; 8) Primitive production technology; 9) Stratified on caste and community base in rural areas; 10) No unionism; 11) Poor …

How can we protect workers in unorganized sector of the economy?

(i) Government can fix the minimum wages rate and working hours. (ii) Government can provide cheap loans to the self employed people. (iii) Government can provide cheap and affordable basic services like education, health, food to these workers.

How can we improve Unorganised sector?


  1. A Wages to be increased.
  2. Overtime work should be paid.
  3. Better working conditions.
  4. Security in jobs.
  5. Regular payment of wages.
  6. Sick leave provision and paid leave.
  7. Retirement benefits to be provided.
  8. Medical and health facilities.

Why are large number of workers are forced to enter unorganised sector?

A large number of workers are forced to enter the unorganized sector , due to lack of job opportunities and , mostly due to poverty . Hence , they have to work under critical working conditions , where there is no job security , neither any health care support .

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Who are working in unorganised sector?

In addition to these four categories, there exists a large section of unorganized labour force such as cobblers, Hamals, Handicraft artisans, Handloom weavers, Lady tailors, Physically handicapped self employed persons, Rikshaw pullers, Auto drivers, Sericulture workers, Carpenters, Tannery workers, Power loom workers …

What is the drawback of unorganised sector?

Sectors of the Indian Economy

Three disadvantages of unorganised sector: (i) Employment is not secure. (ii) Generally jobs in such type of sector are low paid and generally not regular. (iii) Employers do not make provision for overtime payment, paid leaves or holidays, medical facilities, gratuity and provident fund.

What is unorganised sector give example?

What is the difference between Organised sector and Unorganised sector?

Organised sector Unorganised sector
Employes will get medical and several other benefits. No benefits are available for the workers.
Examples: Government employees, registered industrial workers, etc Examples: Shopkeeping, Farming, Domestic works, etc

What are the features of unorganised sector?

The main features of unorganized sector:

  • there is no job security .
  • there is not regular job.
  • workers are provided daily wages.
  • there are laws in this sector but are not followed.
  • when there is less work load then workers are asked to leave the job without any reason.

What are the problems faced by the workers of informal sector?

Those working in the informal economy, and especially women, face many challenges, including low and fluctuating incomes, difficult working conditions, lack of legal protection, numerous legal and physical risks, and often low social standing.

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What are the three problems faced by the workers of the unorganised sector how do you solve them?

Some of the problem faced by labourers in the unorganized sector are:

  • workers working in unorgansied sector get few wages.
  • There is no provision for over time, paid leave, holidays, leave due to sickness etc.
  • Employment is a subject to high degree of insecurity.

What are the main problems faced by the casual workers in urban areas?

Lack of Labour Reforms.

  • Problem # 1. Surplus Labour Force: …
  • Problem # 2. Unskilled Labour: …
  • Problem # 3. Lack of Absorption of Skilled Labour: …
  • Problem # 4. Imperfections: …
  • Problem # 5. Work Culture: …
  • Problem # 6. Militant Unionism: …
  • Problem # 7. Unemployment: …
  • Problem # 8. Lack of Labour Reforms: